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Skin Food: Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek (Apricot)

13 Oct

Average online price: $6
Retail price: 6,000 ($5.50)


Sorry about the faded print. I actually bought this a few months ago!

skin food 1

Left: Here’s the company’s picture of the Skin Food Lip & Cheek–Apricot (so you can clearly see what the package looks like when you buy it). Right: This is mine currently. My finger is there for scale.

The application isn’t very hygienic. To open it, you side the top panel off. You could actually slide it all the way off if you want to. You have to wash your hands every time you want to use it unless you’re not too worried about getting dust or anything inside. I’ve had to clean it once in while with a tissue or Q-Tip to clean out some specs of fuzz.

It’s a pretty light peachy-pink hue. It might seem too light, but I like to wear it with a brighter pink lip tint.

The smell is wonderful. It smells like sweet, sugary peach-apricot candy. I love the smell. I find myself smelling it every time I open it.


I really like to blend this with my Etude House 55 Kissful TintChou (#2). Any bright/hot pink or red lip tint would do. I use the Skin Food Lip & Cheek balm as a base then add the bright lip tint to the inner/middle part of my upper and lower lips. It gives a nice, sweet-looking pop to your lips!



This is how I often overlap the Skin Food Lip & Cheek with my Etude House Kissful Tint Chou (#2). The Skin Food product is a base on my lips, and the lip tint is the brighter pink color on the inner parts of my lips.

It’s not overly moisturizing, but it gives a semi-matte finish. It does feel soft on your lips and doesn’t feel drying (see my note at the bottom of my post).

The staying power is decent for a cheaper lip color.

It blends nicely. I like to use is as a blush. Actually, I’ve been mainly using it as a blush rather than on my lips. But it works great for both!

I give this 4.5/5 stars.

I bought the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Tokyo) and it is a very similar color–the Skin Food is slightly more light. But the Skin Food product is much more moisturizing and comfortable. Plus, it just looks much better and smells really good!


Skin Food: Milk Shake Point Make-up Remover

4 Mar

Mmm — food therapy! So far, I love all of Skin Food’s products. This is an eye and lip makeup remover. You should try it out!

I’m not using it as much as I want to because I don’t want to run out!  I really like this product. I can’t think of any negatives.

It smells good — like a mild regular lotion or baby powder smell. This product works so well. You only need a tiny amount to get all of your makeup off. I like putting it on a cotton pad, but I ran out and don’t like using tissue paper because it absorbs too much product and wastes it.

The end of the bottle has a little hole, so it doesn’t come rushing out. In fact, if I mess us my eyeliner or something, I like to take a Q-tip, press it against the bottle, put some remover on it and then I can use it to fix my mistake.

I give this five out of five stars.

Skin Food: Peach Sake Toner

4 Mar

I wanted to try this since the description says it tightens pores and helps decrease oiliness.

Well, it doesn’t tighten my pores at all. I can’t tell if it even did a little, tiny bit. That’s the only part that bummed me out about this, and I wasn’t expecting miracles or anything.

The packaging, of course, is one thing I love about this product. The lid is made to look like wood, and it twists on. The end of the bottle has a tiny hole so that the liquid doesn’t poor out or get wasted, which I like. The bottle is made out of a foggy-looking glass.

The smell has got to be one of the best things about this toner! It really does smell like peaches. Even if I’m not using it, sometimes I’ll open the bottle and smell it.

I think this toner really does help with oil control. I’ll use it before I apply makeup, and it helps. Sometimes I’ll put it on at night before I go to bed, because my face tends to get really oily while I sleep -__- It makes your face feel so clean and smooth.

Since it doesn’t do everything it says,

I give this four out of five stars.