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Etude House: Look at My Eyes (Ethnic Bronze Bangle)

10 Feb

Average retail online: $7
Store retail: ₩5,500 ($5)


I am really loving bronze and gold colors right now. It’s popular with K-Pop stars to cover their lids in a bronze color and line their lids with dramatic, winged liner.

Bronze 1

Without a primer, this shadow is fairly translucent, but it still adds a nice amount of golden shimmer to eyes.

With primer, this shadow looks great and lasts all day.

I noticed this shadow looks different depending on what I put it on. On my Urban Decay primer (matte/nude) it looks more bronze. If I put it over my Etude House cream base (shimmery/cream), then it looks much more gold.

Bronze 2

Etude House’s Look at My Eyes (Ethnic Bronze Bangle): 1. Just eyeshadow, 2. eyeshadow over Urban Decay Primer Potion, 3. eyeshadow over Etude House Look at My Eyes (Pearl Shadow Base).

For the price, this is a nice shadow. It’s fairly cheap and comes in a cute, small container with a heart pattern etched into the shadow.

I give this three and one half out of five stars.

Play! Etude


Lioele: Jewel Mix Marble Skin Finish

1 Apr

Average retail online: $26
Store retail: ₩18,000 ($17)

This is the first highlighter I bought, and I loved the packaging and mix of golden colors.

A swatch of the Lioele Jewel Mix Marble Skin Finish on my finger. I like applying this with my fingers instead of a brush.

Here is the brush it comes with in it’s own compartment!

Sometimes it’s just too much shimmer for me. It’s really shimmery. But, you just need to be careful. I don’t like the brush it comes with too much. I just don’t like using the flat rounded brushes to apply blush and what not.

That’s right! The right side has the Marble Skin Finish, and the left side doesn’t.

Can you tell which photo below I have the highlighter on? See the answer at the bottom of the post.

Picture 1. ??? On or off? See answer at bottom of post!

Picture 2. ??? On or off? See answer at bottom of post!

This really brightens up your face and looks nice in photos! It applies smoothly and feels soft. I like all the bronze and golden colors because it helps blend into your skin.

It comes with an applicator that’s underneath the powder. I used it at first, but I actually like to use two fingers now. I put some up my nose, my cheeks and right above my nose. The packaging is really cute as well — it looks princess-y.

It even smells nice. The powder has a flowery-baby-powder smell.

I had the Marble Skin Finish on in photo 1!

I give this four out of five stars.