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Skin Food: Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek (Apricot)

13 Oct

Average online price: $6
Retail price: 6,000 ($5.50)


Sorry about the faded print. I actually bought this a few months ago!

skin food 1

Left: Here’s the company’s picture of the Skin Food Lip & Cheek–Apricot (so you can clearly see what the package looks like when you buy it). Right: This is mine currently. My finger is there for scale.

The application isn’t very hygienic. To open it, you side the top panel off. You could actually slide it all the way off if you want to. You have to wash your hands every time you want to use it unless you’re not too worried about getting dust or anything inside. I’ve had to clean it once in while with a tissue or Q-Tip to clean out some specs of fuzz.

It’s a pretty light peachy-pink hue. It might seem too light, but I like to wear it with a brighter pink lip tint.

The smell is wonderful. It smells like sweet, sugary peach-apricot candy. I love the smell. I find myself smelling it every time I open it.


I really like to blend this with my Etude House 55 Kissful TintChou (#2). Any bright/hot pink or red lip tint would do. I use the Skin Food Lip & Cheek balm as a base then add the bright lip tint to the inner/middle part of my upper and lower lips. It gives a nice, sweet-looking pop to your lips!



This is how I often overlap the Skin Food Lip & Cheek with my Etude House Kissful Tint Chou (#2). The Skin Food product is a base on my lips, and the lip tint is the brighter pink color on the inner parts of my lips.

It’s not overly moisturizing, but it gives a semi-matte finish. It does feel soft on your lips and doesn’t feel drying (see my note at the bottom of my post).

The staying power is decent for a cheaper lip color.

It blends nicely. I like to use is as a blush. Actually, I’ve been mainly using it as a blush rather than on my lips. But it works great for both!

I give this 4.5/5 stars.

I bought the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Tokyo) and it is a very similar color–the Skin Food is slightly more light. But the Skin Food product is much more moisturizing and comfortable. Plus, it just looks much better and smells really good!


Etude House: Kissful Lip Care (01 Peach)

20 Jan

Average retail online: $8
Store retail: ₩4,000 ($3.80)

kissful top edited

I got a steal on this. I bought this at the Cheonan Etude House shop for ₩2,800 ($2.60). It was on sale. This was my first time in an Etude House shop. It was adorable and packed with people. I want to do a separate post on the shops after I take photos. Back to the review!

If you’re looking for a lip tint, this isn’t for you. The Kissful Lip Cares come in three fruity flavors/scents: peach, strawberry and cherry. This is a lip moisturizer or lip balm, not a lip tint. It doesn’t change your lip color. Although, maybe the cherry has a faint tint since red is a more vibrant color.

This is Etude House's Kissful Lip Care (01 Peach). It doesn't change your lip color.

This is Etude House’s Kissful Lip Care (01 Peach). It doesn’t change your lip color.

For the price, the lasting time is expected I guess. The packaging says,

“3 effects (firming, soothing, moisturizing) lip care that keeps lips moisturized and healthful all day.”

However, I need to apply it all day for it to keep my lips moisturized. It especially won’t last if you’re drinking or eating anything. I’ve read others say it lasts a long time, but it doesn’t for me.

Although I said it doesn’t last long, it applies well. When I put it on, my lips feel smooth and soft.

The scent smells delicious. It has a peach-guava smell. It reminds me of these fruit popsicles I use to eat when I was younger. It’s a very sweet, light smell, and you can almost taste it too–not that you’re supposed to.

Also, the packaging is adorable–expected of an Etude House product!

I give this three out of five stars.

Maybelline: Color Sensational Lipstain (05, in the buff)

26 Apr

This looks just like a marker! This was the lightest pink shade–according to the color of the marker tube. At first I didn’t like this product at all, simply because the shade was redder than I originally wanted, but I now love how the color looks! It makes my lips just red enough to still look natural.

It can be difficult to put on. The color doesn’t apply very well–it seems like the “ink” has a hard time coming out. It reminds me of when you write on a certain type of paper, and the pen stops working and you need to shake it or scribble on something else to get it to work again.

One thing about this lip tint is it really looks like you have nothing on. It doesn’t make your lips shiny or moisturized at all. I think that’s why I can get away with this red-ish color but not with red lipstick or lipgloss.

I also like lip tints/stains in general because they don’t rub off on coffee mugs, cups or anything else your lips touch! They tend to, yes, stain your lips and stay on nicely for a while. ^^

You definitely can’t put any kind of product on your lips first since it makes it so the ink won’t come out. I will put the lip tint on first, and then I apply lip balm on top.

Me without anything on my lips!

Me with Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstain, in "in the buff." I look serious ^^

I give this three out of five stars.

Etude House: 2NE1 Follow Me Lip Tint SPF 13 (pink follower)

8 Mar

This is lip tint come is “pink follower” and “tangerine follower,” an orange-tinted stick. I bought “pink follower.”

This was a little too pink for me. The package says, “This cool, mint glossy tint stick goes on clear but changes from pale pink to intense fuchsia and every shade in between, according to your passion.” It’s never really a “pale pink.” It pretty much goes on fuchsia, which I’m sure is fine for a lot of people. For me, however, I don’t tend to look to good in really bright reds or pinks. That’s pretty much it! The coloring was somewhat misleading.

Swatches of 2NE1 Follow Me Lip Tint (pink follower). The swatch to the right is one swipe, and the left swatch is two. The color become more intense as you layer it.

It doesn’t smell minty at all. It smells like strawberry watermelon! It smells really good ^_^ The packaging, as with all Etude House products, is SUPER cute — white with pink stars, and the metal inside the container is pink too! I think it’s super neat how it looks blueish-green, but when you put it on it turns pink.

One aspect I really like about this lip tint is that it doesn’t show up when you’re drinking something. I hate when I drink something and my lipgloss or what not rubs off on the lid or cup — so annoying! On glass, you can notice a clear chapstick-looking print, but the color doesn’t show up on anything else. Even if you do drink or eat something, the color stains your lips, so it keeps them pink! I tried rubbing it off, and it’s still colored.

This also keeps your lips REALLY smooth and soft — my lips feel so moisturized with this on! I wish I could layer it on more without it making my lips too pink -__-

Without the 2NE1 Follow Me Lip Tint (pink follower).

I have the 2NE1 Follow Me Lip Tint (pink follower) on my lips!

I give this four out of five stars.