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Koji: Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)

31 Dec


I had wanted to try this eyeliner (retails for $16-24 online) for so long after reading the great reviews. I wasn’t disappointed, and I will be ordering it again!

It can take a little longer to dry than my K-Palette, 1-Day Tattoo liner pen. I say it takes about 15 seconds for it to completely dry. I made swatches on my hand to test this. However, this hasn’t been a problem. I can put it on and not need to worry about it smudging when I blink. This only matters if you rub it with your finger right away.

If you take water on your finger and rub the liner, it will rub off. This can be a plus or minus, depending on how strong you want your liner to be in water.

I love, love, love the applicator pen tip. The pen’s texture, firmness and length is the perfect combination to let me control the thickness. The tip is about 1.2 cm and reminds me of a calligraphy brush. It bends, but it is firm enough to allow you to put the right pressure on it to smoothly glide on the liner.  It is much easier to apply than the K-Palette liner, however I don’t think you can make quite as fine lines with the Dolly Wink liner. You still can make fairly thin lines to thick lines.

These are two swatches of the Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Liner. You can see it may bleed slightly.

These are two swatches of Koji’s Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner. You can see it may bleed slightly.

Here is the liner's calligraphy style applicator. It makes it easy to apply.

Here is the liner’s calligraphy-style applicator. It makes it easy to apply.

I also like that I don’t need to apply any pencil liner on top to enhance the appearance (unlike my Smashbox, Limitless Liquid Liner Pen). The color is a solid black.

This liner will last you all day.


I give this five out of five stars.


Candy Doll: Mineral Powder (01, matte)

28 Mar

This product seemed to get a lot of hype, so I gave it a try! The puff it came with isn’t really a puff but more of a velvety pad.

This doesn’t give any coverage at all. Not bad if you’re just looking for a setting powder, like I was.

It claims to reduce the size of enlarged pores — this is a lie! At least it was for me and my large pores.

First of all, I like the packaging ^^ I don’t think some people do, but I like the black and purple with stripes.

It feels really, really soft and velvety, and it doesn’t smell like anything to me, which might be a plus. Not that I should touch my face, but when I put it on it makes my skin feel so soft and velvety too.

I feel like it matches most skin types, because, although the powder is beige, it goes on very translucent without looking pasty. The powder helps maintain oil control too.

Overall, if you want a powder that doesn’t look like put anything on and just want something to set makeup, this is for you.

Here I am with the Candy Doll Mineral Powder over my Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream (No. 23). You can still see my large pores -,_-

I give this four out of four stars.

K-Palette: Real Lasting Eyeliner 24-hour, 1 Day Tattoo (super black)

25 Mar

I can’t really think of any cons other than it’s kind of pricy. It generally costs about $15 to $18, but it’s not too bad for the quality!

The tip on this liner is really fine. It applies really nice and reminds me of a calligraphy brush. It’s pretty soft, but a little firm still. You can make a hair-thin line to a thick line, perfect for a winged look.

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner. You can see the fine, flexible brush on this that allows you to draw super thin or super thick lines.

I love the look of this eyeliner. It looks like gel liner to me — really pretty!

These are a few swatches of the K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner pen (super black). Each line is one swatch/layer. That's all you need!

This eyeliner really lasts all day! I’ve never had it smear or smudge. It also dries super fast. As soon as I put it on it’s good to go.

The K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner pen stays on like it says! I took some water on my finger and rubbed down the streaks. This was practically right after I drew the lines, so it shows how quickly it dries too.

While it stays on all day and night with no messes, it still comes off super easy with some makeup remover.

Here are the two swatches of the K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner. I took my Skin Food Milk Shake Point Make-up Remover and wiped just once down the streaks. You can see it comes up super easy!

I give this five out of five stars.

Sana: Make Essence Concealer (light pink)

4 Mar

Just like the other Sana concealer I reviewed, I bought this because of the packaging, and because it was suppose to make my large pore look smaller. Fortunately, I had better luck this time!

The only thing I don’t like about this is that it doesn’t work super well. I can’t think of much else.

It has adorable packaging with a happy, little seal on it ^_^ What I like to do is put this on my nose and near my nose on my cheeks — those are the areas where I have super large pores. It covers them enough to make a difference. After I put the concealer on, I put my bb cream over (or you might use foundation), and then my pores are covered even better than if I had just used bb cream. The texture is more creamy than the eye concealer.

With concealer on my nose.

Without concealer on my nose.

I give this three out of five stars.

Sana: Make Essence Concealer (light beige)

4 Mar

This is an eye and lip concealer. I’ll admit it, I bought this because the packaging was cute beyond hope. Oops.

I found out this product is worthless. I feel bad saying that, but, honestly, it doesn’t do anything. It feels almost watery, and when you put it on it blends in streaks. I never use it, but I still keep it just because I hate wasting money -__-

It was a waste of money. Definitley don’t pay $19 for it on YesStyle.com. I paid $16 for it on eBay.

Here is the light beige concealer. The upper part is after I rubbed it in a little bit, and the lower part shows a larger blotch.

The eye on the left side of the picture is without the concealer, the eye on the right side does have concealer underneath. The left side even looks better in my opinion.

The only thing I like is the packaging, which is why I bought it. It might help a TINY bit as a lip concealer, but I don’t feel like it does anything.

Because the container is so cute,

I give this one and one half out of five stars.

Has anyone used this and actually liked it? I’d like to know. Maybe it’s a fluke. It was kinda pricey, so I thought it would be better quality.

Koji Dolly Wink: nail polish

3 Mar







This nail polish is a lovely color, but it’s just not worth the price.

OK. So the nail polish doesn’t dry that well, and it’s pretty tacky-feeling. It took about eight minutes for one coat to dry, and it took another 12 minutes or so for a second coat to dry. Even after waiting that long, you can still ruin the paint job if something pushed or rubbed against it.

When you put on the nail polish, it’s just sticky. It doesn’t go on as a nice, smooth-looking layer. It gets all lumpy, and no one likes that.

Oh, and the size of the nail polish container is about as big as a large marble. It’s pretty tiny. I’ve only painted my nails about five times, and it’s already almost gone. Not worth the price, especially for the poor quality.

Well, the packaging is about the best thing it’s got going for it. The nail polish comes in a really cute, plastic container. The nail polish bottle is cute too — it has a polka dot handle, and the base reminds me of a diamond.

Again, I like the color, but it doesn’t really matter since the nail polish doesn’t apply well.

I give this one and one-half out of five stars.

Koji Dolly Wink: Lip Balm, cell phone strap

3 Mar

There isn’t much to say about this cut lip balm. When I bought it on eBay, it said “lip cream,” so it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.


It has almost a menthol smell to it, but more subtle. The lip balm will last a long time. I would like it if it was a bit softer and creamier, but it keeps your lips nice and soft!

Plus, it’s a cute charm to put on your cellphone.


I give it four out of five stars.