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Korean Beauty Trends: Gradient Lips

13 Oct

While I’m sure many other people outside of Korean use this trend, I didn’t notice or see it at all until I came to Korea. Even since I’ve been here, I feel like it started being more popular.

I love this look. Gradient lips make your lips really pop without making them too dramatic. Gradient lip styles have bolder, bright color on the inner, middle parts of your lips. You can either just use a lip tint on the inner parts, or first cover the edges in a concealer or lighter shade.


Korean actress Han Ji-Min is sporting gradient lips in this photo.

One of the keys to gradient lips is … lip tint. I can’t wear bright pink or red lipsticks, but I realized how amazing lip tints are.

Lip tints add bright and bold splashes of pinks, reds or oranges to your lips without needing to cover them in a solid color. Plus, I really love lip tints because the color adsorbs into your lips and looks much more natural than lip stick. You can add just one thin layer, or you can continually touch it up throughout the day and slowly build up the color.

This is a great tutorial of how to do some different styles of gradient lips.

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