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Etude House: Look at My Eyes (Ethnic Bronze Bangle)

10 Feb

Average retail online: $7
Store retail: ₩5,500 ($5)


I am really loving bronze and gold colors right now. It’s popular with K-Pop stars to cover their lids in a bronze color and line their lids with dramatic, winged liner.

Bronze 1

Without a primer, this shadow is fairly translucent, but it still adds a nice amount of golden shimmer to eyes.

With primer, this shadow looks great and lasts all day.

I noticed this shadow looks different depending on what I put it on. On my Urban Decay primer (matte/nude) it looks more bronze. If I put it over my Etude House cream base (shimmery/cream), then it looks much more gold.

Bronze 2

Etude House’s Look at My Eyes (Ethnic Bronze Bangle): 1. Just eyeshadow, 2. eyeshadow over Urban Decay Primer Potion, 3. eyeshadow over Etude House Look at My Eyes (Pearl Shadow Base).

For the price, this is a nice shadow. It’s fairly cheap and comes in a cute, small container with a heart pattern etched into the shadow.

I give this three and one half out of five stars.

Play! Etude


Too Faced: Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

10 Feb

Store retail: $36


This was my first pricey eyeshadow purchase. Actually, I haven’t bought more shadows like this because I haven’t needed to. I’ve already had this palette for about 6 months, and there’s still plenty left.


Even with primer, the Heaven shade doesn’t show up much. It’s suppose to be a highlighter for your upper lid, but I can’t really notice it when I have it on.

Just a suggestion: I wish the company would put a mirror inside the palette, rather than just have the same image as on the top of the package. It would be really useful.

I really like the packaging. Rather than have a snap lid, there’s a flap on the lid that’s  magnetic. I hate when plastic lids get loose and then don’t shut well anymore.

The colors are really pigmented. I only need to lightly dab my brush in the shadow,  and it’s usually enough. Also, I wear these over a primer usually. It helps give the shadow a really smooth and even appearance.

Too faced 1

1. Silk Teddy, 2. Push-Up, 3. Erotica, 4. Nude Beach, 5. Honey Pot, 6. Cocoa Puff, 7. Heaven, 8. Velvet Revolver, 9. Sexpresso

Too faced 2

All over Urban Decay Primer Potion (Eden): 1. Silk Teddy, 2. Push-Up, 3. Erotica, 4. Nude Beach, 5. Honey Pot, 6. Cocoa Puff, 7. Heaven, 8. Velvet Revolver, 9. Sexpresso

Too faced 3
This eyeshadow palette also comes with three cards that give one way to wear each of the three color palettes. The cards slide in and out of the top of the package.

How I Wear It
My favorite colors to use in the palette are the “Fashion” shades–Nude Beach, Honey Pot and Cocoa Puff. I’m really liking nude and bronze colors with some shimmer, so these are perfect!

Nude Beach looks more like separate sparkles when I apply it–I can’t see a background shade, just sparkles. Because of this, I like to use it under my lower lash line. I usually apply it over my Etude House tear drop liner, and it will give my eyes the ultimate glitter pop!

I give this five out of five stars.

Too Faced

Etude House: Look at My Eyes (Pearl Shadow Base)

10 Feb

Average retail online: $4.50-$7.50
Store retail: ₩4,500 ($4.10)

Pearl 4

I wanted to try some of Etude House’s basic shadows in the “Look at My Eyes” line. Look at My Eyes has 11 Jewel shades (dry/shimmery), 3 Icing shades (creamy/shimmery), 8 Cafe shades (matte), and at least 16 other new shades.

Pearl 3

I wish this was a bit more creamy. It’s creamy enough to rub with your fingers, but it’s a bit dry still. After I spread it out, it adds shimmer but doesn’t necessarily leave a good layer for applying shadow on top. If I put this on over my eyeshadow primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion review here), then my eyelids look cakey.

For the price, I’m happy with the purchase. Recently I haven’t been wanting to go all out with my eye makeup, so I just smear this over my eyelids to give them a radiant glow.  I usually line the corners of my eyes as well, too.

Pear 2

I have Etude House’s Pearl Shadow Base just on the eye on the right.

Pearl 5

Even though it doesn’t create as smooth/vibrant shadow colors as my Urban Decay primer, it still gives that extra smoothness and boost that a less pigmented shadow will need. In the pictures, I put my Etude House, Look at My Eyes Jewel (Ethnic Bronze Bangle) shadow on top. Without the cream base, the shadow looks more transparent.

Pearl 6

Left: Etude’s Look at My Eyes (Ethnic Bronze Bangle) over the Pearl Shadow Base. Right: Just Ethnic Bronze Bangle.

I give this three out of five stars.

Play! Etude
Pearl 2

Take a Look
Here’s my typical eye look using Etude’s bronze shadow with Etude’s shadow base. I also used my Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner.

Urban Decay: Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Eden)

3 Feb

Store retail: $20


This was my first eyeshadow primer. I’m happy with this purchase, although I might buy one of the other shades next time. This primer comes in Eden (nude matte finish), Greed (shimmering yellow-gold), original (nude, dries invisible) and Sin (champagne shimmer).

Texture/feel: When I apply BB cream, I like to put a little on my eye so it matches. If I put the Urban Decay Primer Potion on top of that and then apply eyeshadow, my eye will look cakey or scaly. Basically, I can’t put BB cream over my eye if I want it to look OK.

Also, I’m not sure what purpose this does, but inside the tube is a layer of oil or some clear liquid. Every time I squeeze the tube, this clear liquid comes out first. I need to carefully squeeze it out, and then I can get the product out. Kind of annoying.

Color/shade: I don’t like the color without any shadow on top. Since I always cover the primer with eyeshadow, of course, this doesn’t matter too much. However, I need to be careful not to get it anywhere where I won’t put eyeshadow. It’s a really light, pasty color. It doesn’t match my skin well.


Amount needed: You only need a tiny, tiny drop to cover each eye. I wasted so much product my first few times, because I would squeeze way too much out. The cream is very dense, so a little goes a long way.

Finish/appearance: It was hard to show in the pictures, but the primer really makes your eyeshadow pop. When I don’t use it, the shadow looks more transparent and the edges look more blurred or cloudy. When I use the primer, it gives, bold, sharp eyeshadow. It’s especially useful if you have light shade eyeshadows, as the colors may be hard to see to begin with.


1. Lieole Real Color EyeShadow (25 brown violet), 2 Too Faced (honey pot), 3. Too Faced (velvet revolver), 4. Etude House (ethnic bronze bangle), 5. Too Faced (silk teddy)


1. Lieole Real Color EyeShadow (25 brown violet), 2 Too Faced (honey pot), 3. Too Faced (velvet revolver), 4. Etude House (ethnic bronze bangle), 5. Too Faced (silk teddy)

I wanted to share how I apply this, too. I always used my finger, but it was really hard to apply it where I wanted on my tiny eyelid. I had a MAC brush that I hadn’t found a purpose for, then BAM! I realized it was perfect for applying eye primer! It fits on my lid perfectly and follows the crease well. It’s my MAC 282 brush.

MAC 282

I give this four out of five stars.

Etude House: Sweet Eye Cupcake

6 Mar

This is another adorably packaged Etude House product. I saw them and had to try it! I bought the “banana & chocolate” (#1) and “peach & honey” (#3). There is also a “white & blue,” “lavender & grape” and “gray-brown & smoky black.”

Etude House Sweet Eye Cupcake: "Banana & chocolate" (#1) on left and "peach & honey" (#3) on right.

The eyeshadow is one of the hardest eyeshadows that I’ve bought. You can’t use a regular eyeshadow brush. What I like to do is just rub some on my finger and put it on that way.

The colors are pretty translucent — but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I think I prefer it that way. It makes your eyes have a nice, faint shimmery color.

The packaging — and name — has got to be one of the cutest containers ever ^_^ They really do look like little cupcakes. It fits the eyeshadow well. The colors are really pretty, and the color duo makes it so you have a nice blend of colors. But again, it’s nothing too crazy.

"Peach & honey" (#3) swatches on my hand.

"Banana & chocolate" (#1) swatches on my hand.

I have really fallen in love with Etude House. These are nice eyeshadows with just mascara for on-the-go application.

Here is the "peach & honey" on my eye!

I give this three and one half out of five stars.


Lioele: Real Color Eyeshadow

6 Mar

For the price, especially if purchased with the palette, it is a deal. Three shadows and the palette cost me $19.99–$17.99 with coupon a code–and the colors are fairly pigmented well. The powder is finely milled and feels like velvet. The color lasted all day and is beautiful! Note that the colors aren’t matte, but they aren’t so shimmery that you can’t see the color at all.

You can choose from 32 shades! Here are the colors in order as listed above. I bought: 25 brown violet; 04 modern brown; and 03 satin gold.

The powder is a little loose. It tends to powder off easily, but you just need to be careful.

I have to say, these colors are beautiful. The shadows are fairly pigmented. I only need a swatch to color my eye–especially the darker brown shade. The colors are shimmery, but I like that about them. They aren’t so shimmery that you can’t notice what color they are.

I wore these all day and it still looked great! When I say all day, I mean from 8 a.m. to about 3 a.m. that night. I have long days at school and working.

FYI: I don’t use an eyeshadow primer, although I’m looking for a brand to try.

I found a great deal on Pretty and Cute. The Lioele palette costs $7. Or, you can also choose up to three Real Color Eyeshadow shades, and they will put them in the palette for you for an extra total of $4.33 per extra shadow. The eyeshadow, if purchased alone, on Pretty and Cute costs $8.50. 

And, my palette only cost me $17.99 since I used a coupon code (lovelioele). This code only works for purchasing Lioele products.

It is hard to show the colors on a photograph, but here are some swatches on my hand: 25, 04, 03.

I give this three and one half out of five stars.

Etude House: Bling Bling Eye Stick

4 Mar

Once I saw these sparkly metallic eye colors, I had to try them.  I bought “shooting star” (white) and “pink supernova.”

What I don’t like is the color goes on kinda waxy-like — it tends to look somewhat blotchy or non-uniform. I don’t really recommend this for a color for the inner corner of eyes. The ends are pretty thick, so they’re better for use as an eyeshadow I think. It also tends to crease after a while.

The colors are so pretty. They are shimmery in case you couldn’t tell, but I guess that’s why they’re called “bling bling.” I wanted the white one to use around the inner corner of my eyes. The pink is nice to use more of as an eyeshadow on the upper lid. I really like the twisty stick format. You just turn the container and the stick comes up — I hate dealing with pencil sharpeners.

Some swatches on my hand. You can see "pink supernova" (left) and "shooting star" (right).

I give this three out of five stars.