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Korean Beauty Trends: Gradient Lips

13 Oct

While I’m sure many other people outside of Korean use this trend, I didn’t notice or see it at all until I came to Korea. Even since I’ve been here, I feel like it started being more popular.

I love this look. Gradient lips make your lips really pop without making them too dramatic. Gradient lip styles have bolder, bright color on the inner, middle parts of your lips. You can either just use a lip tint on the inner parts, or first cover the edges in a concealer or lighter shade.


Korean actress Han Ji-Min is sporting gradient lips in this photo.

One of the keys to gradient lips is … lip tint. I can’t wear bright pink or red lipsticks, but I realized how amazing lip tints are.

Lip tints add bright and bold splashes of pinks, reds or oranges to your lips without needing to cover them in a solid color. Plus, I really love lip tints because the color adsorbs into your lips and looks much more natural than lip stick. You can add just one thin layer, or you can continually touch it up throughout the day and slowly build up the color.

This is a great tutorial of how to do some different styles of gradient lips.

You can check out my review of a Skin Food product that I like to use for my gradient lip look!


Skin Food: Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek (Apricot)

13 Oct

Average online price: $6
Retail price: 6,000 ($5.50)


Sorry about the faded print. I actually bought this a few months ago!

skin food 1

Left: Here’s the company’s picture of the Skin Food Lip & Cheek–Apricot (so you can clearly see what the package looks like when you buy it). Right: This is mine currently. My finger is there for scale.

The application isn’t very hygienic. To open it, you side the top panel off. You could actually slide it all the way off if you want to. You have to wash your hands every time you want to use it unless you’re not too worried about getting dust or anything inside. I’ve had to clean it once in while with a tissue or Q-Tip to clean out some specs of fuzz.

It’s a pretty light peachy-pink hue. It might seem too light, but I like to wear it with a brighter pink lip tint.

The smell is wonderful. It smells like sweet, sugary peach-apricot candy. I love the smell. I find myself smelling it every time I open it.


I really like to blend this with my Etude House 55 Kissful TintChou (#2). Any bright/hot pink or red lip tint would do. I use the Skin Food Lip & Cheek balm as a base then add the bright lip tint to the inner/middle part of my upper and lower lips. It gives a nice, sweet-looking pop to your lips!



This is how I often overlap the Skin Food Lip & Cheek with my Etude House Kissful Tint Chou (#2). The Skin Food product is a base on my lips, and the lip tint is the brighter pink color on the inner parts of my lips.

It’s not overly moisturizing, but it gives a semi-matte finish. It does feel soft on your lips and doesn’t feel drying (see my note at the bottom of my post).

The staying power is decent for a cheaper lip color.

It blends nicely. I like to use is as a blush. Actually, I’ve been mainly using it as a blush rather than on my lips. But it works great for both!

I give this 4.5/5 stars.

I bought the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Tokyo) and it is a very similar color–the Skin Food is slightly more light. But the Skin Food product is much more moisturizing and comfortable. Plus, it just looks much better and smells really good!

Missha: Black Definition Mascara (Feminine Lash)

13 Oct

Average retail online: $15
Store retail: 14,800 ($14)


This is a little pricey, depending on your budget. It’s much cheaper than a lot of other mascaras.

Nothing “wow-d” me about it.

It lasts all day.
This mascara has a nice, sleek tube.


The mascara gives a very natural look. It applies well without clumping, and it looks elegant.


Without Black Definition Mascara (Feminine Lash).


With Black Definition Mascara (Feminine Lash).

It’s easy to take off with makeup remover.

I give this 4/5 stars.

Innisfree: Dual Effect V Mask (Green Tea)

29 Jan

Average retail online: $2-6
Store retail: ₩2,000 ($1.85)



I don’t know if it was this product, or a sample of The Face Shop’s Sleeping Mask I tried the next night, but I broke out with a few pimples after using the products. I hadn’t had bad breakouts for a while.  But, I don’t remember getting any after using my first Innisfree Dual Effect V Mask.

I’ve also used other masks before, and I was fine.  However, I know Innisfree is a very popular brand in Korea. It’s a more high-end brand, similar to Missha, I think, rather than brands such as Lioele, Etude House and The Face Shop.

Also,  the dual mask might be confusing at first. I think I just make things complicated though.


This is the bottom part of the Innisfree Dual Effect V Mask. The hole is for your mouth, and the flap on the bottom goes near your neck.


This is the top part of the Innisfree Dual Effect V Mask. The slits go over your eyes, and the hole is for your nose!

I bought two Innisfree dual masks.

First mask: I couldn’t unfold the masks right–I couldn’t tell which part went where on my face. I ended up with a glob of sheet mask crumpled all over my face! -_-

Second mask: I figured out how to put on. Still, I’ll stick to a one-piece mask next time.

WARNING: Are you ready for a scary picture? People who aren’t use to face masks may think it makes you look like a scary serial killer–which it does! o_o

scary picture

The scent is nice. It’s a calming, refreshing, and sweet floral and citrus scent.  It really moisturizes well.

Also, if you’re looking for a mask that covers more than your face, this is great to use. Since the mask is two pieces, it covers under your chin and covers your neck area.

I give this four out of five stars. Only four, just in case it was the cause of my break me out. I’m being a tough cookie.

Pretty and Cute

Etude House: Bubble Hair Coloring (Dark Brown)

27 Jan

Average retail online: $11-12
Store retail: ₩7,000 ($6.50)

Dye4 edit

FYI: This will not be my typical cons/pros format. I’m just going to tell you about Etude House’s Bubble  Hair Coloring.

This hair dye comes in seven shades–No. 1 Deep Black, 2 Dark Brown, No. 3 Natural Brown, Wine Red, 5 Sweet Oranges, Gold Bronze, No. 7 Mocha Pink. I bought Dark Brown because I have light hair, and I wanted to dye it darker.

Dye 5 edit

I read many great reviews about it.  When I opened the box, I was happy to see all of the materials inside. It comes with a nice pair of gloves, as well as a plastic sheet to drape around your shoulders. It also comes with a conditioning hair treatment (which I definitely needed later >:c).

Dye 3 edit

Bubble Hair Coloring is foam dye. All you do is add the pink pouch to the white foam dispenser. The box has English instructions, which helps with figuring out what to do.

A good amount of product is inside, so I had no problem covering my hair with dye. After I smothered it all over my hair, I left it on for 25 minutes. The box says to leave it on 20 to 30 minutes.

Dye 1 edit

Dye 2 edit

And 25 minutes later … my hair hasn’t changed at all. Also, my hair was a tangled mess–that’s where the hair treatment became necessary.

I had no product in my hair before dying it, and my hair was clean. I don’t understand how this hair dye did nothing to my hair–I am very unhappy and $6.50 short. Hmhp.

Maybe this hair dye only works for people with dark hair that want to make it lighter?

But then, why is there a black shade?

Play! Etude

Korean Cosmetics: Share Your Opinion in This Poll

14 Jan

The Face Shop: Tissue Specialist, Green Tea Cleansing Wipes

14 Jan

Average retail online: $11-12
Store retail: around ₩6,000 ($5.70)

The Face Shop container
This is the first product I bought from The Face Shop, another Korean cosmetic company. The lady at the store told me this is better for oily skin (compared to the Olive Cleansing Wipes). However, on The Face Shop website it says that both are suitable for all skin types. This pack comes with 40 moist tissues.

I can’t tell if it’s the tissue or my ProActive, but I noticed my face has been on the dryer side after I wipe and wash my face. Other than that, I can’t complain about much. It might not be the tissues anyway (sorry, I won’t risk not using my ProActive).

The smell isn’t bad–it’s a refreshing citrus-flowery scent. Also, the wipes lift away my makeup well. I wear BB cream, and it does a good job wiping it off. I use the leftover to clean off my eye makeup. I do need to clean my eyes more with my Skin Food Milk Shake Point Make-up Remover.

One issue I had with my Lioele Make-up Cleaning Tissue is that the tissues began to dry up after a while. The Face Shop wipe container seems to have a lot of liquid stored inside. Not so much that it spills out, but I’m making my way to the bottom of the package, and the tissues are quite damp and moist. One difference between the packaging is that The Face Shop package has a plastic snap lid, while the Lioele package had a “sticky” tab.

My face is freezing for the split second that I put the tissue on my face!


The Face Shop Tissue Specialist, Green Tea Cleansing Wipes have a round, swirly design embedded in the tissues.

The tissues come in a long, rectangular shape. They are roughly the size and shape of the package.

The Face Shop tissue 2

Final Comments
I need to try the Olive Cleaning Wipes and compare the two. More to come.

For information on The Face Shop Tissue Specialist Green Tea Cleansing Wipes, click here.
For information on The Face Shop Tissue Specialist Olive Cleansing Wipes, click here.


I give this five out of five stars.