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Etude House: Dear Darling Nails

6 Mar

I absolutely love how this nail polish is sparkly and has hearts in it. That’s why I bought it. It instantly makes your nails look glamorous and totally adorable.

There are two aspects about this nail polish that I don’t like.

One is that the hearts are hard to actually get on the brush, out of the bottle and onto your nails. You need to swirl the brush in the bottle after each nail, just to get one heart on it. If you have a little patience, however, you’ll be fine. I’m not.

The second issue I have is the nail polish takes forever to dry–as in about 10 minutes. When you put it on it’s pretty tacky and sticky.

Despite all of this, I really do like the nail polish. It looks so cute when you have it on. I like to paint colorful tips at the ends and use the Etude House polish as a top coat. Afterwards, I put another clear coat on.


Missha: The Style Lucid Nail Polish (matte)

3 Mar

I don’t know why, but matte colors are so pretty. It makes colors look more pastel and softens the look. I didn’t even know matte nail polish existed, and then I found Missha’s!


I can’t think of one. I have noticed that sometimes if I put this on too soon before the color polish drys, it will make the color polish look streaky. Other than that, this is a great nail polish.


The bottle is shaped in a particular way that fits in your hand perfectly — one side of it bends inwards. I appreciate the fact that this nail polish drys really fast. Actually, it seems like the matte coat makes the nail polish beneath it dry faster, too. The other part I like about this packaging is the brush. The brush is somewhat flat, making it easy to apply a good layer evenly over your nail.

I used Missha's The Style Lucid Nail Polish (matte) on top of Koji's Dolly Wink nail polish (see the Koji polish review for a before photo).

I give this four out of five stars.

Koji Dolly Wink: nail polish

3 Mar







This nail polish is a lovely color, but it’s just not worth the price.

OK. So the nail polish doesn’t dry that well, and it’s pretty tacky-feeling. It took about eight minutes for one coat to dry, and it took another 12 minutes or so for a second coat to dry. Even after waiting that long, you can still ruin the paint job if something pushed or rubbed against it.

When you put on the nail polish, it’s just sticky. It doesn’t go on as a nice, smooth-looking layer. It gets all lumpy, and no one likes that.

Oh, and the size of the nail polish container is about as big as a large marble. It’s pretty tiny. I’ve only painted my nails about five times, and it’s already almost gone. Not worth the price, especially for the poor quality.

Well, the packaging is about the best thing it’s got going for it. The nail polish comes in a really cute, plastic container. The nail polish bottle is cute too — it has a polka dot handle, and the base reminds me of a diamond.

Again, I like the color, but it doesn’t really matter since the nail polish doesn’t apply well.

I give this one and one-half out of five stars.