Lioele: Triple the Solution BB Cream

6 Jan

Average retail online: $21-28
Store retail: ₩35,000 ($33.00)


The reason I bought this BB cream in the first place was because of a sample I tried. I remember it left a powdery finish that really made my skin look flawless. The color also matched my skin tone nicely (NC40). As soon as I could, I ordered one online. When it arrived, I eagerly opened it to try it on. I was left with some disappointment, for it wasn’t the same as before.

I realized that the sample was Lioele’s Beyond the Solution BB Cream (retail $28). I bought Lioele’s Triple Solution BB Cream (retail $18), which has extra features–whitening, wrinkle care and UV protection.

I need to try the Beyond the Solution sometime and compare them.

The label says, “This product makes your skin feel moist as yogurt and hyaluronic acid supply moisture and nutrition” (yes, there is a type on the label). Despite the label’s claims, if I don’t really moisturize my face, my skin will look flaky.


Like many BB creams, this one only comes in one shade. The good thing is it does not have a grey tone. It’s a light-medium beige color. I need to wait about 10 minutes for the shade to adjust to my skin (I will look kind of pale at first). The Beyond the Solution BB Cream matched my skin tone better.


This is a swatch of Lioele’s Triple the Solution BB Cream. It’s a light-medium beige color.

It’s hard to control the pump–a lot tends to come out at once.

This is the tubes pump. You can kind of control the amount that comes out if you're careful, but it's difficult.

This is the tube’s pump. You can kind of control the amount that comes out if you’re careful, but it’s difficult.

Some people may not like the scent, but I do. It has a flowery-baby-powder smell that I don’t mind. I can’t even smell it when it’s on my face, only if I put my nose to it.

Although the BB cream is somewhat drying, I like the texture of it. It almost reminds me of a mousse. It’s similar to Missha’s Perfect Cover B.B. Cream, but more lightweight and whipped-feeling.

I don’t have oil problems when using the BB cream–another plus. Also, the coverage is medium to moderate, but I swear it’s not as good as good as Beyond the Solution BB Cream. It does a nice job of evening my skin tone and toning down the red. Wow. Look at how it helps my pores, too! I have huge pores, but you can see how well the BB cream hides them!

Lioele before

This is before I applied Lioele’s Triple the Solution BB Cream. I hate my skin.

Lieole after

This is after I applied Lioele’s Triple the Solution BB Cream. You can see how it evens my skin tone well.

I give this three and one half out of five stars.

When I used just the Beyond the Solution BB Cream, I used a stippling brush to apply it. However, when I began using the Triple the Solution, I was using my fingers. Recently, I’ve been using my MAC 187 stippling brush, and it applies so much better! I really helps give an airbrush finish.

bb brush 1

bb brush 2


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