Maybelline: Color Sensational Lipstain (05, in the buff)

26 Apr

This looks just like a marker! This was the lightest pink shade–according to the color of the marker tube. At first I didn’t like this product at all, simply because the shade was redder than I originally wanted, but I now love how the color looks! It makes my lips just red enough to still look natural.

It can be difficult to put on. The color doesn’t apply very well–it seems like the “ink” has a hard time coming out. It reminds me of when you write on a certain type of paper, and the pen stops working and you need to shake it or scribble on something else to get it to work again.

One thing about this lip tint is it really looks like you have nothing on. It doesn’t make your lips shiny or moisturized at all. I think that’s why I can get away with this red-ish color but not with red lipstick or lipgloss.

I also like lip tints/stains in general because they don’t rub off on coffee mugs, cups or anything else your lips touch! They tend to, yes, stain your lips and stay on nicely for a while. ^^

You definitely can’t put any kind of product on your lips first since it makes it so the ink won’t come out. I will put the lip tint on first, and then I apply lip balm on top.

Me without anything on my lips!

Me with Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstain, in "in the buff." I look serious ^^

I give this three out of five stars.


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