Lioele: All in One Gel Eyeliner (choco brown)

25 Mar

Average retail online: $26
Store retail: ₩13,000 ($12.30)

This eyeliner also comes in black. The brown shade is pretty dark still, which I like. It’s like a dark espresso color.

The brush doesn’t snap into the cap that well. If you put the eyeliner in your makeup bag or want to use the cap with the brush so the handle is longer, it tends to fall out.

This is my first gel eyeliner, so I don’t have much to compare it too. Saying that, it seemed like the gel part was kind of hard, but I think the trick is to wipe the brush in it rather than dip the end in. It doesn’t look as gel-like as I would want it too. It looks more like a pencil eyeliner in my opinion.

It didn’t really “wow” me. I think if the color was more solid-looking I would like it better.

The only really bad thing I noticed about wearing it is that the it tends to smear near the corner of your eye, but I think it depends on how active your are. When I wear to all day to school or something it tends to wear more. However, if I’m just sitting around at home it seems to stay on better.

This eyeliner comes in a great container with a brush to apply it. The brush comes out of the cap and can attach to the end so it’s longer, but I like using it without attaching it. I find it easier to use when the handle is shorter.

Lioele All in One Gel Eyeliner (choco brown). This is the applicator brush it comes with.

Lioele All in One Gel Eyeliner. The top streak is one layer, and the bottom streak is a few layers.

It does a pretty good job at not smudging. Even if it gets wet, it doesn’t run or smear too much.

Lioele All in One Gel Eyeliner, about 10 seconds after application. On the left portion I lightly pressed down with my finger and ran it down. On the right portion I got my finger wet and ran it across.

I give this three out of five stars.


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