VOV: Castledew Oversetting Lip Gloss

5 Mar

I purchased this lipgloss as Paldo World, in Tacoma, Wash. I believe it cost about $10. Anyways, I thought the nudy-pink shade was pretty, so I decided to try it!

What I don’t like about his lipgloss is it’s kinda sticky. I can’t put it on before I go to school, because the wind will blow my hair in my face and then my hair will stick to my glossy lips.

The color and shine fades after a bit after if you eat or drink something, but it will keep your lips soft for a while.

Without VOV Castledew Oversetting Lipgloss.

With VOV Castledew Oversetting Lipgloss.

The tube is pretty! I really like the silver wand. It’s cute and reminds me of a jewel ^_^ You can see the applicator is all sponge-y. It’s on the stick at a slight angle, so it’s easy to smooth on the lipgloss.

I thought the color looked really nice in the container. I bought shade 47–Airy Shine. Note that the tube is clear, so the color you see is the color of the gloss. It makes a difference if you put on concealer or lib balm. I put on my Dolly Wink Lip Balm first, and it helped smooth out the appearance. It turns out to look peachy-pink!

It does a nice job making your lips look smooth–as you can see in the picture. When you rub your lips together with it on it feels soft.

This lipgloss smells delicious! It smells like strawberry kiwi/watermelon. I wish I could eat it ^_^

I give this three out of five stars


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