Sana: Make Essence Concealer (light beige)

4 Mar

This is an eye and lip concealer. I’ll admit it, I bought this because the packaging was cute beyond hope. Oops.

I found out this product is worthless. I feel bad saying that, but, honestly, it doesn’t do anything. It feels almost watery, and when you put it on it blends in streaks. I never use it, but I still keep it just because I hate wasting money -__-

It was a waste of money. Definitley don’t pay $19 for it on I paid $16 for it on eBay.

Here is the light beige concealer. The upper part is after I rubbed it in a little bit, and the lower part shows a larger blotch.

The eye on the left side of the picture is without the concealer, the eye on the right side does have concealer underneath. The left side even looks better in my opinion.

The only thing I like is the packaging, which is why I bought it. It might help a TINY bit as a lip concealer, but I don’t feel like it does anything.

Because the container is so cute,

I give this one and one half out of five stars.

Has anyone used this and actually liked it? I’d like to know. Maybe it’s a fluke. It was kinda pricey, so I thought it would be better quality.


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