Etude House: Bling Bling Eye Stick

4 Mar

Once I saw these sparkly metallic eye colors, I had to try them.  I bought “shooting star” (white) and “pink supernova.”

What I don’t like is the color goes on kinda waxy-like — it tends to look somewhat blotchy or non-uniform. I don’t really recommend this for a color for the inner corner of eyes. The ends are pretty thick, so they’re better for use as an eyeshadow I think. It also tends to crease after a while.

The colors are so pretty. They are shimmery in case you couldn’t tell, but I guess that’s why they’re called “bling bling.” I wanted the white one to use around the inner corner of my eyes. The pink is nice to use more of as an eyeshadow on the upper lid. I really like the twisty stick format. You just turn the container and the stick comes up — I hate dealing with pencil sharpeners.

Some swatches on my hand. You can see "pink supernova" (left) and "shooting star" (right).

I give this three out of five stars.


2 Responses to “Etude House: Bling Bling Eye Stick”

  1. Dottie C March 5, 2012 at 6:02 AM #

    These look like FUN! Not to mention flirty. Too bad they don’t go on evenly.

    • katislaterszirom March 5, 2012 at 6:16 AM #

      Ya. I like using the pink one on top, but the white one that I got for the inner part of my eye is just hard to apple. I just received five Lioele Jewel Eyeliners. I am going to write a review once I use them longer. I can already tell I like these better. The ends aren’t as large. They’re more like regular eyeliner, but they’re a little sparkly ^_^

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