Koji Dolly Wink: nail polish

3 Mar







This nail polish is a lovely color, but it’s just not worth the price.

OK. So the nail polish doesn’t dry that well, and it’s pretty tacky-feeling. It took about eight minutes for one coat to dry, and it took another 12 minutes or so for a second coat to dry. Even after waiting that long, you can still ruin the paint job if something pushed or rubbed against it.

When you put on the nail polish, it’s just sticky. It doesn’t go on as a nice, smooth-looking layer. It gets all lumpy, and no one likes that.

Oh, and the size of the nail polish container is about as big as a large marble. It’s pretty tiny. I’ve only painted my nails about five times, and it’s already almost gone. Not worth the price, especially for the poor quality.

Well, the packaging is about the best thing it’s got going for it. The nail polish comes in a really cute, plastic container. The nail polish bottle is cute too — it has a polka dot handle, and the base reminds me of a diamond.

Again, I like the color, but it doesn’t really matter since the nail polish doesn’t apply well.

I give this one and one-half out of five stars.


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